No more speeding tickets!

Road Radar - save your money. Don’t pay the penalty anymore. Road Radar is application that offers you lots of useful information during the journey by car. Let you comfortably informed of any relevant information.

iOS Version

Current version 1.4.5

Android Version

Current version 1.0.3
Seeing or hearing it better?
Let you comfortably informed about all the traffic information. Also, you can easily measure your current speed through the built-in speedometer (km/h or mp/h).

The basic version of the app is free.
Lastest news: Critical error on Czech and Slovak version
Main functions
Only in Road Radar Trucker version

  • Interactive map
  • Radar map
  • Speedometer
  • Patrols
  • Border crossing
  • Alerts (graphic/sound)
  • Warning others
  • List of locations
  • Stationary radars
  • Night mode
  • Mobile radars
  • Traffic accidents
  • Traffic jams
  • Traffic restrictions

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